There are plenty of Android smartphones that can go toe-to-toe with the iPhone but there still seems to be something missing when it comes to Android tablets. If you need further proof of this, consider … Read more homepod Apple's new speaker offers amazing sound quality, but still feels a little work-in-progress in other areas. The HomePod delivers amazing audio quality, but this pricey speaker is an iOS-only device that effectively requires an Apple Music subscription. HomePod review: Retina for your is a smart speaker from Apple that you can drop anywhere, in any room, and will sound terrific no matter where it is or where you are around it Wie oft Apple den schon verkauft hat, verrät das Unternehmen nicht. So dürfen Marktforscher schätzen. related: homepod, test, Apple HomePod review | What Apple review: the best-sounding, most music-oriented smart speaker currently available – read the review at What Hi-Fi? Apples Lautsprecher kommt nach Deutschland: Mac & i sagt, was der Stereoverbund taugt, wie er im Vergleich mit dem Sonos One klingt und ob Siri dazugelernt