AMMAN (Reuters) – Syrian government forces launched an offensive on the city of Hama early on Wednesday, firing on residential neighbourhoods from armored vehicles and mobile anti-aircraft guns, opposition activists said. Troops also shelled Sunni … Read more

syrian Karte in Syrien kämpfen. Die neuesten Nachrichten aus Syrien auf der Karte At Syrian Civil War Map, get all information on recent gains and losses visualized, news about all ISIS war and live middle east map of the Syrian civil war. Syrian Civil War - Wikipedia Syrian Civil War Part of the Arab Spring, the Arab Winter and the spillover of the Iraq conflict Military situation in August 2018: Syrian Arab Republic Die römische Provinz Syria wurde im Jahre 63 v. Chr. vom Feldherrn Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus eingerichtet und blieb bis zur Eroberung durch die Araber in den Tags: syria, wikipedia, Latest news from Syria as covered by the Guardian. News and stories about the country, people and politics Syria Sy·ri·a (sîr′ē-ə) A country of southwest Asia on the eastern Mediterranean coast. Ancient Syria also included Lebanon, most of present-day