AMMAN (Reuters) – Syrian government forces launched an offensive on the city of Hama early on Wednesday, firing on residential neighbourhoods from armored vehicles and mobile anti-aircraft guns, opposition activists said. Troops also shelled Sunni … Read more

syrian Nobles and Ladies All: Thank you for putting your trust and support in me as your Potentate for 2018. I will work with the Divan and Trustees to move this - Hamsterzucht Kiel Goldhamster und Teddyhamster in Farben wie Dark Grey, Chocolate, Blue, Recessive Dappled, Polywhite und Extreme Dilute Syrien: Sieben Jahre Krieg | In der Nacht zum 14. April haben französische, britische und US-amerikanische Luftstreitkräfte einen gezielten Militäreinsatz in Syrien geflogen. Ziel Refugees of the Syrian Civil War or Syrian refugees are citizens and permanent residents of Syrian Arab Republic, who have fled from their country since Tags: refugees, syrian, In Depth Syria crisis. Complete coverage of the multi-front war in the heart of the Middle East Syria's War 10 Jun 2018 16:51 GMT. Syrian air raids 'kill 16' in rebel-held Idlib. Attacks on villages surrounding government-controlled pocket kill at