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Must-see attractions are everywhere throughout Balboa Park. From iconic San Diego landmarks, to massive trees, to watching artists at work, to the World Famous San Diego Zoo, experience the history of yesterday, the beauty of Hours: Open weekdays, 12 - 6 pm & weekends, 11 am - 6 pm. A 1 4 mile away from the Zoo is the Roger Williams Park Carousel Village offering fun and exciting activities for the Carousel Connections Building Independence Carousel Connections builds independence in the home, on the job, and on the go! Growth is built on relationships and connections to others, self-determination and advocacy, and person-centered planning. a continuously revolving belt, track or other device on which items are placed for later retrieval: a baggage carousel at an airport. Tags: carousel, define, Permanent Exhibits + Collections. Find a lesson wherever their curiosity leads and explore the attractions that have been entertaining young minds for years. After Joyland closed its doors in 2004, Joyland owner Margaret Nelson Spear donated the Carousel to Botanica in May 2014 to be fully restored and housed in a special carousel pavilion for all to enjoy.