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Hey. The answer to your question is here . In lay man’s language, Concore Glass is as hard, resistant to scratches and damage as with Gorilla Glass. Corning at Computex show Gorilla Glass 3, and combines touch functionality Concore panels. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is used in a variety of high-end smartphones glass screen, although inevitably concore glass | infokawankita Apa itu OGS display? OGS merupakan singkatan dari One Glass Solution adalah teknologi layar di mana kedua kaca pelindung dan perangkat sentuh atau sensor terintegrasi dalam satu unitdan tidak ada ruang atau udara kesenjangan antara What is OGS Display? OGS means One Glass Solution is a display technology in which both protective glass and touch device or sensor is integrated in one unit and there is no space or air Tags: what, concore, Concorde Glas: Longdrink (Fenster-) Glas aus Klarglas und teils Milchglas mit Aufdruck „Museum Sinsheim“ „ ich war drin“. Durch das Fenster des Glases sieht man die Museums-Concorde. Phones are getting really precious these days, and with their prices increasing day by day, people tend to want better protection for their devices. The most important part that people want to protect is the