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I'm a sucker for King-inspired things, and this one hits that chord well enough to be worth a look over your Christmas break. Steps for using Summary Street . . . Enter your initials in the box, if you are a student at Platt Middle School. Barr's summary Mueller's report & Good morning, NBC News readers. After months of anticipation, we finally got our first glimpse of special counsel Robert Mueller's report. The nearly two-year investigation found no proof that 2. Prose that provides information in a condensed format, as by mentioning only the most significant details of a narrative: The novelist did not like writing dialogue and preferred to write stories in summary. Tags: summary, definition, Get a summary of the New York Giants vs. Atlanta Falcons football game Summary of HCAHPS Survey Results Table. The Summary of HCAHPS Survey Results Table contains the average "top-box" scores for each of the ten HCAHPS measures at the state and national level.