‘Internet access not a human right,’ says ‘Father of the Internet’

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Seven Ways the World is Changing the Internet

Since most people focus on how the Internet is changing the world, few focus on the reverse ? how much the world is changing the Internet. The Internet's phenomenal transformative impact on the world has … Read more

The Internet Gets Physical

Consumer-based Internet technologies are morphing into new uses in energy conservation, transportation, health care, traffic management and food distribution.

Keeping the Internet Free

Internet neutrality may be the First Amendment issue of our time, says Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota. In this column, Leslie Harris of the Center for Democracy and Technology debunks some of the myths about … Read more

Internet TV faces big obstacles

You say TV, I say Internet. Toe-mate-o, toe-maht-o.

Expanding Internet Domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers needs better safeguards before it allows an explosion of new online addresses.