HP goes dirt cheap with $100 Android tablet

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Google Nexus 10: Fastest and most impressive Android tab yet, but feels cheap

The latest Android tablet from Google and Samsung has a lot to offer, but its plasticky construction and lack of good optimized applications should give you some pause.

Making a great cheap Android tablet

Will consumers see the eGlide Prism as gimmick or value? Will they see it at all? (Credit: Ematic) Ematic entered the Android tablet fray yesterday when it announced the inexpensive eGlide Prism. Priced as low … Read more

Archos Unveils Cheap Android Tablet With 3G

Archos this week unveiled the 8-inch 80 Xeon Android tablet with built-in 3G, set to debut next month for $199.99.

Android APad - Cheap Android Tablet PC on Sale

Latest & cheapest android tablet PCs. China professional & reliable android aPad wholesaler (TenQ)

A Cheap, Rugged Tablet Is Your Kid's Next Fixation

Forget phablets. Touchscreen Android devices designed expressly for kids with bright colors, durable cases and rubberized surfaces are making a big splash in the tablet space.