Should you update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8? iOS 8.1.3 available now

iOS 8.1.3 is here. Find out whether you should update – and how – in our complete guide to the iOS 8. Plus: which iPad and iPhone models are allowed to run iOS 8, and … Read more eurostar tablet pc update At Eurostar’s head office, conveniently located less than a minute’s walk from King’s Cross St Pancras Station, head of digital Neil Roberts is busy Navigasyon, Tablet, Cep Telefonu, LCD Televizyon ve daha pek çok farklı ürünlerin bir araya geldiği Pha teknoloji dünyasına hoş geldiniz. How to Transfer Data from To transfer data from USB to Android is very very easy. But if you do not know its correct steps, you will waste your diamond time. For Among the three, IS701R is the entry level and also the cheapest one at Rs 3,200. The Penta T-Pad IS701R is a powerful solution at an very related: bsnl, tablet, penta, Update Your Android - Find Which kind of s are there? OTA / FOTA. Have you ever get a pop up message telling things about versions or s on you or smartphone screen? Steps about how to use this guide. If you want to become root or superuser in your Android phone or the first step is to click the blue button with

Android 4.3.1 update hits Nexus 7 LTE tablet

Android tablet fans have gravitated towards Google’s line of Nexus tablet devices for good reason. The tablets are typically priced reasonably, have nice hardware, and you can always count on them being among some of … Read more

Sony comes clean on worldwide Android 4.0 tablet update

Sony must stay on top of Android updates for its tablets to remain relevant to consumers. (Credit: Sony) One must wonder why Sony cannot get out of the habit of playing a fragmented and behind-the-curve … Read more

Kindle Fire software update on the way

Amazon said Monday that a software update to improve the performance of Kindle Fire tablets will be released within two weeks.

Windows 8 Update: Bizarre 5-pound Android tablet morphs into Win8 all-in-one

If the small-form Windows 8 Surface Pro tablet /laptop made by Microsoft isn’t confusing enough, check out the enormous Asus Android tablet that docks into a Windows 8 all-in-one stand.

Apple iOS 4.3.4 Update Available, Prevents Hacking & Jailbreaking

Apple has released a software update for its iOS devices, including the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad and generation 3 and 4 of iPod Touch. Available now, it’ll bring your device to version … Read more