Great Gadgets

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Upgrade Your Life: Grill gadgets

It seems like there are more gadgets for outdoor grilling than there are for the kitchen or living room! In this week’s episode of Upgrade Your Life, Yahoo! News’ Becky Worley takes a look at … Read more

Why ad-supported gadgets may be the future

Amazon’s recent ad-supported Kindle isn’t just the future of e-readers. It may also be a look at the future of how people buy electronic gadgets: with a reduced price, subsidized by advertising.

'Microsleep' Software Doubles Battery Life of Connected Gadgets

No matter how fancy mobile gadgets get, they’re useless when their batteries run out. With the push toward cloud computing and the always-on wireless culture gaining momentum every day, laptop, tablet and smart phone batteries … Read more

CES gadgets bringing the "Matrix" to life

The annual Consumer Electronics Show ended Friday, leaving gadget lovers with visions of a “Matrix”-like world in which the Internet surrounds them no matter where they go.

Latest gadgets 'a status symbol'

Having the latest gadget is seen as the new status symbol despite the recession, a survey has said.