Pipo Max M9 Android tablet ships with a quad-core Rockchip processor

Rockchip processors currently power a number of Android tablets and mini-computers. read more hard reset on emerson rockchip em1000b tablet Emerson em744 factory data reset - southern telecom, Emerson em744 factory data reset if you have set a password on your tablet and forgotten the password, follow the instructions below to reset the tablet. There is are two small holes next to your "home" button the first one is the reset the second is the microphone. Straighten a paperclip and poke it in the hole closest to the "home" Problem with Emerson tablet,Emerson name The logo stayers on the screen, any one have an ideal of how to fix? Got the problem fixed. The way to a mini to a factory defoult setting by doing the I have been trying to do hard and enter it into recovery mode. But I cant, it just goes to the screen with the little android guy. To hard it is power and related: voyo, q101, inch, Android Tablets Flasher & Firmwares: Hi I need firmware or compatible firmware. It is 10.1 inch I found 3 firmwares that are booting but the touch screen isn't responding at all Primero prueba hacer un hard con el misc.img de . Puede ser que con esto pueda funcionar tu aparato. Puede ser que con esto pueda funcionar tu aparato. (En la entrada de soft

Dish Anywhere for iPad updated with remote reset and Audio Only features

Dish rolled out a sizable update for its Anywhere iPad app today, allowing on the go socialites to share viewing habits with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Less socially-connected couch potatoes will see new features … Read more

Rockchip's RK3188 SoC powers this 8-inch Android Yuandao N80 tablet

The Rockchip RK3188 quad-core processor is shaping up to be one of the most common chips found in Android tablets , PCs-on-a-stick and set-top boxes. read more

Flytouch 7 Vimicro VC882 - user guide for v10 android 4.0

Flytouch 7 Vimicro VC882 10,2-Zoll- Tablet-PC china telecom infotmic m7206 10.2 inch superpad6 flytouch6 user guide for v10 android smartbro internet settings on tablet infotmic software upgrade vimicro and android and user guide 7 epad2 … Read more

China Rockchip's Multi-Windows for Android Global Upgrade Release

SHENZHEN, China, July 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — China Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd released an upgrade of its Android 4.2.2 tablet system — Android Multi-Windows — on a global scale recently. It is said …

Tutorial: Google Nexus 7: how to upgrade, flash and unlock your Nexus tablet

Upgrading and wiping a Google Nexus 7 or any Android device can be a scary process, especially if you’ve never done it before. If you’re selling a device, passing it on, or picking up an … Read more