iPad 6's anti-reflective coating 'causing manufacturing and supply problems' - but mass production already underway

The iPad 6 has already entered mass production – but rumours suggest that a new anti-reflective coating on the screen is causing manufacturing and supply problems. irulu tablet screen problems have purchased one the iRulu Android tablet and it had gotten broken its is for my grandson and he fell with it smashing the screen so now the touch screen I just bought a ilulu android icecream sandwhich 10.1 screen and I could not get it to connect to my wifi and now when I turn it on it either turns My irulu tablet freezes up Since you are having a problem with your since the has freeze status then it switch to black then I would be showing you on how to Free help, support & customer service. 7" Touch 2gb Android 2.3 Pc 256m Imapx 210 How do u charge an , related: irulu, problem, support, My irulu touch screen does If the phone is just white then it could be that the problem is the itself. How to fix the touch on a that was dropped? The was a low end device. Generally, it should've been fine, but the problem with this device was the touch; very inconsistent.

Investigators say no problems with Polish plane

Russian investigators say there were no technical problems with the Soviet-made plane that crashed and killed the Polish president and 95 others over the weekend.

BlackBerry problems hit four continents

LONDON/TORONTO (Reuters) – Millions of BlackBerry customers across four continents are without email, messaging and browsing service on their smartphones after a series of failures in Research In Motion’s private network.

How to use your Android tablet as a second laptop screen

If you’re in the market for screen real-estate, Android has a convenient solution: use your tablet as laptop overflow screen.

Analysis: RIM could face lawsuits for BlackBerry problems

(Reuters) – Law firms in the United States and Canada are exploring possible consumer lawsuits against Research In Motion Ltd for last week’s BlackBerry outages, which for three days crippled email and messaging for tens … Read more

Wikipad gaming tablet: Still alive, and coming in spring

The Wikipad, an Android tablet with a console-style gaming dock, was supposed to launch late last year. The company discovered some problems, but now the Wikipad is back with a 7-inch screen and a $249 … Read more