BeeLink makes Android Wear usable across multiple devices

Connecting more than one phone or tablet to your Android Wear smartwatch no longer requires a factory reset who makes the iRola tablet Just to let you know, I did replaced the battery (for $20.28) and the tablet worked fine for a week. Then it would no longer boot into Android lock screen Sell My Tablet for Cash Online BuyBackWorld's electronics trade in platform is the best place to sell your new, used or broken tablet for cash online. How to Connect Your Android It’s a good idea to access Wi-Fi whenever possible to avoid data charges. After you’ve activated the Android ’s Wi-Fi radio, you can connect to LIKE IT IF IT WORKS. (1) HOLD THE VOLUME UP AND THE POWER BUTTON AT THE SAME TIME (2) THE WILL SHUT DOWN AND START AGAIN. (3) ENJOY related: unfreeze, freezed, tablet, Android Tablets: Android Tablet Powered Customize your Android with over a million apps, games & wallpapers. Get FREE shipping* on the best Android s from Samsung, Asus, Acer & more. I use an HTC Wildfire S that has been over-charged and this Tutorial has to work with nearly any Overcharged Android Phone. 2 Very simple ways

Skype for iPad Makes Its Debut

Skype has released its official iPad app to the iOS App Store, bringing its live video service to both 3G and Wi-Fi data connections.

Preview: Microsoft Office for Android makes up for (some) lost time

It may be about four years late to the game, but Microsoft is finally ready to bring its Office suite to Android tablets — well, almost.

iPad's Mini's price makes it just a small threat to Android tablets

Does the Android tablet landscape change now that Apple offers a smaller version of its popular iPad? Considering its higher price and scaled-down iPad features, it won't mean a whole lot. [Read more]

iPotty makes toilet training toddler a techno breeze

The base of the iPotty looks like a traditional potty with a removable bowl, seat and a pee-guard. But … wait for it … it also holds an iPad.

New Pinnacle Studio(TM) for iPad Makes Creative Video Editing Fast and Easy

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